A Journey from Terrible Failures to Massive Success

 failure-arrows-WHAT-IF-I-FAIL-1 A Journey from Terrible Failures to Massive Success

If you don’t give up, you still have a chance. Giving up is the greatest failure.” ~ Jack Ma

A Massive Failure Story

This man was doing a normal job as an English teacher at University for many years. In his childhood years, he failed a key primary school test two times. He was terrible in maths and scored less than 1% in his math portion of his examination for his college entrance examination. It was one score out of 120.

How does that sound? Anybody might think dumb, right?

The failure story continues. He applied for 30 different kinds of jobs after he completed his schooling and graduation. No one selected him. He went to apply for police jobs. There were five job applicants including him. Guess what? Other four got selected for different positions, but he was rejected. When KFC entered in China, he applied for a job at KFC. 24 people went for the job position, and again others got selected, but this young man got again rejected.

You must be thinking this man had got nerves of steel or what?

Yes, he still carried on. He applied to Harvard University for higher education. Applied 10 times for the education program – all ten times rejected or what you call ‘failed.’ The journey continued one rejection after rejection – failure after failure.

Here comes the wonderful climax (rather beginning) of the story.

Today, this man is worth approximately 39 Billion USD and Asia’s richest man as per Forbes, and yes, you guessed it right. He is Jack Ma, the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group, a conglomerate of Internet-based businesses.

In his own words in an interview with Charlie Rose in Davos, he stated, “I failed a key primary school test 2 times, I failed the middle school test 3 times, I failed the college entrance exam 2 times and when I graduated, I was rejected for most jobs I applied for out of college. I applied for Harvard ten times, got rejected ten times and I told myself that ‘Someday I should go teach there.

How’s that? Pretty impressive, isn’t It?

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You know, Jack Ma is a classic rags-to-riches story, but even more impressive than his fabulous wealth is his uncanny level of persistence despite so many failures.

But what happens to a common man?

The moment he thinks of something new, even if that thing is close to his heart, the instant thought comes, “What If I Fail?” As if some volcano is going to erupt if he fails.

Why is it so? The problem arises due to a negative relationship with failure – due to unhealthy fear of failure!

But the people who succeed have a different belief system, a different definition of failure!  They consider the fear of failure as a beacon towards something close to their heart, rather a necessary companion on the path to success.

But there is much more what contributes to their relentless pursuit towards Success.

What makes them stick; when others quit?

To find these and many other answers, I have dug deeper into multiple failures to success stories and noted multiple traits and belief system. And the result of that research is my latest book titled “WHAT IF I FAIL?

What-If-I-fail-Fiverr-3D-set-1024x683 A Journey from Terrible Failures to Massive Success

WHAT IF I FAIL? is like a peeling of the onion of human psychology to find the real reasons behind this fear of failure. It covers a dozen of failure to success stories (like the one you just read above). The book will get much deeper and teach — how to leverage your Fear of Failure & Turn into Fuel for Success, about how to imbibe a new belief system and mindset to help you take action despite being fearful.

In WHAT IF I FAIL? – You will discover:

  • The deconstruction of all your false reasons behind your fear of failure and your imaginary horrible outcomes.
  • The massive failure stories of 12 world famous people, who despite so many failures ultimately led to triumph.
  • You will be able to reprogram your belief system to perceive the failure as a catalyst to success.
  • You will be exposed to a simple technique to convert your fear of failure into excitement and exhilaration supported by studies.
  • Find out this five-letter ‘F-word’ to overcome this four-letter word Fear and how our religious scriptures have emphasized the importance of this.
  • Why you should make your fears tangible by doing ‘fear journal’ technique and how it helps you jumpstart your action.
  • Learn How you can tune your inner radio station with the universal cues relayed to you to take the best action towards your goals.

WHAT IF I FAIL? is written for anyone who is not moving forward in his or her life due to fear of failure. Whether you are a student, employee, professional, entrepreneur or anyone who has to take some decision for doing anything new, you have to overcome the fear of failure to achieve anything significant.

The real-life world’s most famous failure to success stories and the proven and actionable ways stated in this book will help you to over your fear of failure and inspire you to jumpstart action.

Grab your copy of WHAT IF I FAIL? today to Transform Your Fear of Failure into Fuel for Success, Rewire your Belief System, Learn to Trigger Action despite being Scared and Take Charge of Your Life.

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