Why You Need to Show Up to Grow & Change the World Too

fear-is-lack-of-breathe-pic-683x1024 Why You Need to Show Up to Grow & Change the World Too

“80% of the success is just showing up” ~ Woody Allen

You need to show up for your own self as well as to make this world a better place.

Let’s start by being selfish motive.

Let’s start with you.

Showing up is Ladder to Success

All our actions are guided by two things — avoid the pain or enhance the pleasure,as Tony Robbins stated.

You want to avoid the pain at all costs, but continuously want to experience more pleasure.

Howsoever you may think about getting pleasure by ONLY through earning more money, accumulating material possession, but it’s proven by studies that human beings are most happy and productive when they have a sense of accomplishment and growth.

A survey done with more than 12,000 employee diary entries of 238 employees from 7 different companies proved that the biggest motivator for them was not the money or financial reward, recognitions or incentives. People are most motivated when they have a feeling that they are making consistent growth towards one meaningful goal. Unfortunately, only 5% of the managers could rightly understand the real motivator behind the people i.e., progress in their pursuits.

But to grow in any field, you have to show up. Only if you show up in the game, you can have chance of winning. Michael Scott said,

“ You miss 100% of shots you don’t take”

If you want to grow as an entrepreneur, you need to show up, take challenges, create innovative products or solutions before you start living a thriving life.

To become a successful employee and experience higher growth to apex, you need to show up and provide immense value to the organization.

Without showing up, you can’t get the reward of success.

While most people want to avoid the pain of failure, rejection or judgement by other people, it’s only the people who show up despite all the pains and obstacles they change the world.

Steve Jobs once made a bold statement: “While some see them as crazy, we see genius, because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

World Needs More People to Show Up to Make it Better Place

You are a unique individual created on this planet. There is no one exactly same like you. You are unique by different means, you have unique set of parents, unique family and friends, unique life circumstances and belief systems; you are a combination of lot of unique things, and that makes you — one and only in 7 billion people on the planet.

You have your own strengths, own belief system, unique way of looking and interpreting the things. Therefore you can offer your own unique perspective to the world to look at the things.

Every great person on this planet has outside similar body like you and me, but inside the mind of each of us, have unique gifts to offer to the world. But ironically, most people don’t even recognize their gifts.

“Everyone is gifted — but some people never open their package!” ― Wolfgang Riebe

When you show up, you share your own unique experiences, life journey, which you may not find that exciting, but there are so many people for whom you can become a source of inspiration.

The 33% Rule

This world is nothing but a journey where more than 7 billion people are travelling . Some people are ahead of us, some are behind us and many are walking at the same pace, as we are.

The rule of 33% says that

  • – You need to spend 33% of your time with mentors, who are ahead of you and challenge you), you need to learn from them, and grow faster. (Getting mentored)
  • – 33% of your time should go with people, who are at the same level, as you are, so you can learn from others mistakes, and gain insights from them. (Masterminding)
  • – And the remaining 33% time should be spent in mentoring and guiding people who are behind you, through your ideas and thoughts. (Contribution)

For example, If you share your experience of dozens of failure before you achieved success, this will show to the followers a person leading by example; they will know the importance of persistence and keep going when it doesn’t feel like going ahead.

The world needs more such people now, who could give back to the world and inspire the next generations.

So come on! Show up and leave your mark on the planet make a difference!

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