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Hi there,

Howsoever, you have stumbled upon this site, firstly a heartful thanks for visiting this site.

My name is Som Bathla

I love to continuously strive to dream big, explore and evolve to become the best version of myself. In this journey, I want to travel along with my fellow readers to touch higher milestones.

I have written many books on developing a growth-oriented mindset, increasing productivity, better time management and other areas of personal development. You may check out all my books at My Books. I have good plans to create more action guides to help readers to lead a resourceful life. 

How This All Started

While I have been an avid reader from last so many years, the idea of writing book fascinated me a couple of years back.

I took the first step and very soon all the wisdom nuggets, I learned from great minds in last more than a decade started getting poured on the word document on my laptop. My morning and evenings sub-consciously pulled me towards writing and I kept myself totally open to this new experiment with my life.

Finally, I authored my first Book “The 30 Hour Day- Develop Achievers Mindset and Habits, Work Smarter and Still Create Time for things that Matter” in November 2014.

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buy-amazon-button2-300x125 AboutFor Readers in India, who want to read in Paperback format, click below:

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The book took off very well (beyond my expectations) and it ranked # 1 Amazon Best seller (free promotion) in Time Management in Business category (a proud moment for me).Screen-shot-Amazon-rank1-copy-13-6-2017-new-page AboutBut, as you know, life, as usual, comes in the way. Family, Job, and other priorities kept me too busy and with no writing for next few years.

But the inner drive of expressing my thoughts and putting out to the world remained with me since publishing my first book. Finally, I decided to put myself out in the world more openly.

What Next?

I am sure that if you have reached to my small world through this website, you would be able to relate to my thought process.

Just to test, whether both of us connect with each other, You may simply download and read a Free Chapter of my book named 7 Negative Mindsets which kill productivity and How to Replace them.

Please fill in your email address and click to download your Free Chapter below.

I am enjoying life with my most amazing wife and two sweet daughters and love to spend quality time with them, when not working.

I am on a journey of exploration, open to embrace all possibilities on my way and share with the world.  If you come along with me, I am sure, we will make this a journey full of fun and learning. please sign up my newsletter, anywhere on this website.

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Som Bathla